Beige Linen Fully Boned Stays - BATMC 1.27.85 - 1775-1800

BATMC 1.2.85 (2nd)

Image courtesy of The Fashion Museum, Bath and N.E Somerset Council.
Taken while on study session.
- Fully Boned Linen Stays - Bath Fashion Museum - 1775-1800.
- No Straps.
- Tonal in colour - all beige, with beige trim covering joins and beige trim around the hem.
- Hand sewn eyelets. staggered at bottom left and then staggered at top.
- This corset appears to have had alterations made to it - this insert at the CF sides and possible fixings of the tabs - but if so they re-lined the whole thing at the same time.
- On this particular corset the CF point does not come down so low. On others it is well beneath the CB points but here is marginally higher and echoes the same line as the run of tabs.
- 7 x tabs either side, no including CF point.
- Small Under-arm protective piece.
- Silk ribbons are rather roughly tacked on.
- 3 Inner Bones.
- Busk - This is the most amazing example of a busk. Bath Fashion Museum date this corset between 1775-1800 and yet the strapless detail is more of an earlier period and according to Brooke this chunk of a busk was most fashionable in the 1740's. The busk measures (and I'm not exaggerating) 
                       = 11" in length.
                       = 2 1/8th " at widest point of width at the bottom.
                       = 1 1/4 at widest point of width at the top.
                       = Is triangular in shape with deepest point measuring an inch. This is the end that goes at the stomach - as you can see from this fading on the corset.

Image courtesy of the Fashion Museum, Bath and N.E Somerset.
Taken during a Study Session.

Image Courtesy of the Fashion Museum, Bath and N.E Somerset Council.
The following images are just from my sketch book - I'll admit they are very rushed - 2 hours is just never enough!

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