Thursday, 28 June 2012

I am sitting here, with the washing machine going hectic as it's reaching the final stages of it's cycle (an extra hot one to wash the linens properly), there are canvasses dripping and drying by the fire as they're being prepared for steaming, and me, trying to get my blog going on my laptop. It's like a weird melting pot of time periods. But I do feel like I'm slowly getting somewhere with all my research and sampling. I have two corsets half started/half finished on my work table upstairs and one that's already been posted up on Etsy. I have various types of boning coming out of my ears and, never mind all the various types of fabric and canvasses I've stacked around the place in my quest to try and get the weight right for a well made corset. OOOh but I do love all this. I was at the shop today, my other job, just tingling to get home and start working again.

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