Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Hand-Made Corset Update:

I haven't added up the hours yet but I'd say, getting to the 7th panel (as seen below)'s been about...180 hours? Well something like that. This has been a marathon of sewing, I've been carrying it everywhere - round friend's, while watching tv, getting to work early just to do 15 minutes worth.

I left the most complicated panel til last (see above) and I'm not completely happy with some of my lines on this panel - there are some wonky ones - but I am also SO looking forward to it being finished.
It's been a complete gift of God even figuring out the technique and getting the bones so tight.

This photo above is of the 7 panels already done - the half-finished 7th panel has just been slipped into it's slot on the left next to the CF, while the 8th is still missing and still unmade.

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