Friday, 3 May 2013

Update on Grain Discussion for the Side Front Panel.

During a quick research moment - with me trying to double check the methods used in sewing down the under-arm leather strip - I discovered that I could also get close enough to be able to see the grainline for the Side Front Panel.
So just thought I'd quickly post it up.

As you can just about see, once again, the grain tends to be going with the forth tab nearest the Side Back Panel. Although in this image that tab is slightly blurred and at an angle, you can see from the rest of the panel  which way the grain lies and how it runs in a similar direction.
Here is also the smaller version of the photo so you can see what you're looking at as a whole.

This corset is from the V&A and features in their book 'Underwear - Fashion in Detail' by Eleri Lynn an pages 80 and 81.
The passage beneath this corset reads:
' These stays are made of densely woven linen, high at the back and wide and low across the bust. They are made with 8 pieces with pale blue silk ribbon overlaying the seams...'

What is also interesting is that she gives some information as to how they might have been made up.
'The bones of these stays are cut very finely, in some instances as narrowly as 3mm. Cutting whalebone this thinly required a high degree of expertise and physical strength, which was also needed to PUSH THE BONES INTO THEIR TIGHT FABRIC CASINGS.' (Capitals mine)
I wonder where she got this information from or if it was deduced from the corset itself.

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