Saturday, 1 August 2015

A bit eager...

Some Quick Photos!

Morwenna Photographers - HandBound
Morwenna Photographers
Yellow dress - HandBound costumes
Yvonne dressing the Yellow Sandby
Too eager to wait for the arrival of the proper photos from our photo shoot on Thursday, I'm putting up some of the shots I took during the day. Morwenna Photography studios were sublime - bearing with us patiently. And Gina, the photographer was a complete soldier, taking photo after photo while we dressed the mannequins in the background and shifted them into place.
I thought I'd take a lot more background photos throughout the day than I did but it's amazing what gets forgotten when you're concentrating on something else! And we were so busy sorting out the costumes in the back ground that we didn't take a moment to consider it more often.
Grey Damask 1700s Stays - HandBound
Our Grey Damask Stays...

McCord Stays - 1780s - handBound
Our version of the McCord Stays
yellow sandby dress - 1750s - HandBound
Petticoat of our Yellow Sandby Dress

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