Thursday, 24 September 2015

And Our New Floral Polonaise...

Our New Polonaise...

These dresses are always so stunning to look at - especially the originals in the museums, and there is something just naturally attractive about them. 
Here is our version of a Polonaise in the Gallery of English Costume that we have just listed on our Website and in our Etsy Shop.
We hope you like!



There is a lot more info and photos on our website for these new items - Etsy only limiting you to 5 pictures and also we have tabs on our website for talking you through 'The Making of...' and 'The History of...' and sometimes 'How to Wear...'. We also have our beloved Customer Library which though we are well behind on our job list, we are constantly adding to in the desire to fill it with useful info.

Please have a browse!

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