Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Our New Men's Collection - Starting off with the 18th C Shirt!

Linen Shirt - c.1750s

We fell absolutely in love with the two shirts we studied at a certain museum near Manchester - they were so logically made and so practical! It really made you realise that you weren't just looking at a romanticized 1980's thing but a real shirt that was made as an everyday, functional item.

We've created 3 versions so far from this study session. The real version, as we call it, has been made from the finest linen we can find to match the original, and then sewn with hand sewing techniques. 

We then have made an attempt at a slightly cheaper option - the Machine made version - still made with the fine linen as this, we think, is a kind of essential part of the shirt. Not just for beauty's sake but also because these shirts were massively wide (we've seen 5 shirts now in various museums - they all were similar in width!) there was a lot to be tucked into the breeches. You need the softness in the linen to not have it bunched up and uncomfortable.

And last, and perhaps least, we've worked on a Handsewn but cheaper Linen and then the Machine made and Cheaper linen. We realise that these are a bit more in the price range of normal reenactment shirts but you just simply miss out on the genuine beauty of the original garment with these options.

Collar Close-Up
And, also, please forgive the dull photography. We are waiting to have a few more garments before we can organise another photo session.

But here they are: our beloved and really excited by.....Men's shirts!

Main Body Close-up
Shoulder Strip and Neck Gusset Close-Up
Heart Detail at Base of Neck Opening

Full Body Shot

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