Friday, 23 August 2013

Another Example of the Under-Arm Strip:

Went to Killerton Museum a year ago now and I forgot that I'd taken these images of a pair of stays that were on display.

The information supplied next to it said that they were made of leather and most likely handed down from mistress to maid and altered accordingly. Which means it's also a good example of the possible styles made for mistresses. Of course, it didn't say what class the mistresses were. In the eighteenth century quite a large proportion of the populatin had servants (Picard). Still, they are a good encouragement that such a practical looking garment could be worn by mistresses.
Also, they said in recent test, that it has come to light that there may have been a top layer, over the leather, of a worsted wool - I think they said it was a rust colour but I can't be sure, I am doing this from memory from a year ago. And I'm pretty sure this corset was early 1700's but were continued to be worn untill late 1700's.

Here, in the above image, is a clearer shot of the under arm strip. Which is interesting really because if it did have an additional top layer then it must have slipped out from the under the strip. I can see that I'm going to have go back again and double check this. It's daft because I normally take a photo of the information plaque.
Close up of Tab Detail:

Close up of Front Section with Stitching:

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