Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Button Front Dresses:

Have just found this most amazing image....there's so much in here, use of make-up, the detail of the head wear, the ruffles, but mostly and most dramatically so: the Button front dress.

Miss Ramsey in Red Dress - Allan Ramsey 1760-65:

- Her ruffles, neck-lace and tucker all seem to be of the same very fine cotton/silk as it all has the same kind of crimply effect and has that peculiar lace trim to it. The Cunnington's in their book 'Handbook of English Costume in the 18th Century' mention the possibiity of these additions coming in sets. 
- Button Front Robe a la Francais (sack back) by the looks of it - although obviously we can't see the back.
- Sleeve knots made from self fabric.
- Black ribbon choker with pearls worn over the necklace or as a part of the same item.
- Make up - red front bottom lip with generous blusher and possibly enhanced eyebrows.
- Hair - rising up, but at a natural height and possibly all her own hair. NOT powdered.
- No other jewelery.
- And I am still at a bit of a loss as to the various different types of head wear. I need to get clearer on this. sorry.

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