Tuesday, 3 December 2013

All Glittering All Sparkling New Website!

The New Website has Landed!

Fully Boned Linen Stays by HandBound Costumes.
Our copy of a pair of stays
from the Philadelphia
A pair of Stays from the
Philadephia Museum
What a wonderful world this is! I'm working on a new pair of stays from the Arletan Museum, have just finished another from the Philadephia Museum and have been working on the new twinkling website. And I've had so much fun writing all the research. Each garment has the item or painting it was based on portrayed with it and historical facts about it, and a tab to read about the making of the garment. There is a Glossary based on Eighteenth Century Terms (that we've found so far - it will keep growing from here on), there are measurement video's linked in to help with taking measurements, and we're going to run some of the blogs from here onto it as well so that it keeps current with the research we're doing. It's like a dream come true. We are hoping to have a page designated to our garments in stock but that job is currently sitting on out list of jobs we have to do and will hopefully get done sometime soon.

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