Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Another Berrington Hall Trip....

The Wonderful Berrington Hall...

Images used by Permission of Berrington Hall
We discovered Berrington Hall when we were trying to figure out where the Snowshill collection was stored - all these images online that came from this mysterious Snowshill Collection and then one day we found out what it was. Wonderful! A bit of further digging then helped us stumble across the Capability Brown rolling pastures, late 18th c Estate House that Berrington Hall is: A small but perfect piece of 18th c life.
Images courtesy of Berrington Hall
Let me tell you, there is nothing more sweet than trailing your hand up the curving bannister as you skip upstairs to the study room. We were in there last week looking at men's coats and have been there before looking at stays and ohhhhh we love it.

Here's just a few images from the coats and waistcoats we looked at during our recent session. Our fave is the Frock coat - we've learnt a lot about Frocks recently and seeing this beaut just added to our sense of understanding. We have a Glossary on our website going into a bit more depth with Frocks so please click here to read more...

PLease also note that these images are used by kind permission of Berrington Hall and the National Trust - please do not misuse these images!!!!
Images courtesy of Berrington Hall

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