Saturday, 23 July 2016

1780s Coats

1780s Coats - Bath Fashion Museum:

We've been studying 1780s pattern cutting and tailoring techniques starting off at the Bath Fashion Museum and working alongside the Cunnington's and their book 'Handbook of 18th c Costume' and Iris Brooke and her book 'Dress and Undress' to really get our heads around some of what was changing in the fashions at this time.

We have a real passion for understanding how the change in fashion got interpreted by the tailors and mantua makers of the day and it's a fascinating thing to see the alignment between fashion and the growing development of tailoring.

Really this study is not complete - not in anyway shape or form - but we have started a sketch book for ourselves of our notes and just thought we'd pop a few of the pages up here for all to see.

The photos used in these shots are courtesy of Bath Fashion Museum and Somerset Council and we would appreciate that you use these images with much, much respect!